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In this area our law firm deals with questions related to health law, the delimitation between medicinal products and foodstuffs, in particular food supplements,  questions related to the development and marketing of such products as well as questions related to medical research law and clinical trials.


Navigating the regulatory world of products can be complex, which is why we are here to support you. Our law firm provides informed advice for developing sound regulatory and commercial strategies for your product launches. We also help you clarify the delimitation between different product categories (for borderline products), in particular between therapeutic products, foodstuffs, cosmetic products and other innovative products, in particular cannabidiol containing products (CBD). Additionally, we specialize in the development of health claims and other communications relating to your products, as well as the necessary approval procedure and product applications.

We deal in depth with all complex issues relating to contractual and tort liability in connection with the marketing of foodstuffs, cosmetic products and other innovative products such as products containing cannabidiol (CBD).


In a constantly evolving digital world, we are your legal partners to ensure your compliance. We provide informed advice on regulations regarding digital marketing and e-commerce. From consumer protection on online platforms, to compliance with data protection laws, we ensure your online presence complies with legal standards. Our expertise also covers supplier liability issues and the management of customer user product endorsements.  

Our expertise in commercial contracts is an essential asset for your success. From licensing agreements to research, manufacturing and distribution contracts, we ensure your interests are protected at every stage of negotiations. Our personalized and rigorous approach guarantees you solid contracts, adapted to your specific needs.  

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Data confidentiality is at the heart of our concerns. We guide you in complying with data protection laws, including consent, cross-border  transfer of personal data, data security and the rights of data subjects. 

Compliance with current regulations is crucial for any business. Our team guides you in identifying the standards applicable to your activities, implementing compliance programs and audit management. With the extensive experience our team has acquired, we are well qualified to help you implement effective compliance programs. We assist you in drafting tailor-made internal guidelines, training your employees in best practices and carrying out audits. Our study is committed to supporting you in the rigorous management of compliance, so that you can carry out your activities safely and in accordance with the regulatory standards in force.

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